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Strength of Materials MCQ

Civil engineering MCQ and strength of materials MCQ for competitive exam.

Q. 1 Deflection of a

A. Cantilever beam, carrying a uniformly distributed load over span is WL3/8EI

B. Simply supported beam carrying a concentrated load W at mid-span is WL3/48EI

C. Cantilever beam carrying a concentrated load W at its free end is WL3/3EI

D. All the above
D. All the above

Q. 2 From a circular plate of diameter 6 cm is cut out a circle whose diameter is a radius of the plate.

Find the e.g. of the remainder from the center of circular plate

A. 2.5 cm B. 0.5 cm C. 1.0 cm D. 1.5 cm
B. 0.5 cm

Q. 3 If a rectangular beam measuring 10 × 18 × 400 cm carries a uniformly distributed load such that the bending stress developed is 100 kg/cm2. The intensity of the load per metre length, is

A. 270 kg B. 260 kg C. 240 kg D. 250 kg
D. 250 kg

Q. 4 If two tensile forces mutually perpendicular act on a rectangular parallelepiped bar are equal, the resulting elongation of the pipe, is

A. (E/P) (1 – m)

B. (P/E) (1 + m)

C. (P/E) (1 – m)

D. (E/P) (m -1)

C. (P/E) (1 – m)

Q. 5 On a ladder resting on smooth ground and leaning against vertical wall, the force of friction will be

A. Away from the wall at its upper end B. Upwards at its upper end C. Towards the wall at its upper end D. Downwards at its upper end
B. Upwards at its upper end

Q. 6 If the rivets in adjacent rows are staggered and outermost row has only one rivet, the arrangement of the rivets, is called

A. Diamond riveting B. Zig-zag riveting C. Chain riveting D. None of these
A. Diamond riveting

Q. 7 The bending moment at C of a portal frame shown in below figure isb

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A. 28 t-m

B. 8 t-m

C. 4 t-m

D. Zero
D. Zero

Q. 8 If three forces acting in one plane upon a rigid body, keep it in equilibrium, then they must either

A. At least two of them must meet B. Meet in a point C. Be all parallel D. All the above are correct
D. All the above are correct

Q. 9 In a three hinged arch, the shear force is usually

A. Varies with slope B. Maximum at crown C. Maximum at springing D. Maximum at quarter points
C. Maximum at springing

Q. 10 A pair of smith’s tongs is an example of the lever of

A. Third order B. Zeroth order C. First order D. Second order
D. Second order

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