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Applied Mechanics MCQ

Civil engineering MCQ and applied mechanics MCQ for competitive exam.

Q. 1 The frequency of oscillation on moon as compared to that on earth, will be

A. 2.44 times less
B. 3 times less C. 2.44 times more D. 3 times more
A. 2.44 times less

Q. 2 The maximum velocity of a body vibrating with a simple harmonic motion of amplitude 150 mm and frequency 2 vibrations/sec, is

A. 18.85 m/sec B. 1.885 m/sec C. 188.5 m/sec D. 0.18845 m/sec
B. 1.885 m/sec

Q. 3 The centre of gravity of the trapezium as shown in below figure from the side is at a distance of

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A. (h/2) × [(b + 2a)/(b + a)]

B. (h/2) × [(2b + a)/(b + a)]

C. (h/3) × [(b + 2a)/(b + a)]

D. (h/3) × [(2b + a)/(b + a)]

C. (h/3) × [(b + 2a)/(b + a)]

Q. 4 Cartesian form of the equation of catenary is

A. y = c tan x/c

B. y = c sin x/c

C. y = c cosh x/c

D. y = c sinh x/c

C. y = c cosh x/c

Q. 5 The moment of inertia of a triangular section (base b, height h) about centroidal axis parallel to the base, is

A. bh3/3

B. bh3/36

C. b3h/12

D. bh3/2

B. bh3/36

Q. 6 To attain the synchronous orbit, the launch of a satellite, is done from a place

A. On 45° latitude B. On the poles C. On equator D. On 30° latitude
C. On equator

Q. 7 Pick up the correct statement from the following. A rubber ball when strikes a wall rebounds but a lead ball of same mass and velocity when strikes the same wall, falls down

A. Change in momentum suffered by lead ball is less that of rubber ball B. Momentum of rubber ball is less than that of lead ball C. Rubber and lead balls undergo equal changes in momentum D. None of these
D. None of these

Q. 8 Two objects moving with uniform speeds are 5 m apart after 1 second when they move towards each other and are 1 m apart when they move in the same direction. The speeds of the objects are

A. 3 m/sec and 2 m/sec B. 3 m/sec and 3 m/sec C. 2 m/sec and 2 m/sec D. 4 m/sec and 6 m/sec
A. 3 m/sec and 2 m/sec

Q. 9 A body of weight 14 g appears to weight 13 g when weighed by a spring balance in a moving lift. The acceleration of the lift at that moment was

A. 1 cm/sec2

B. 1 m/sec2

C. 0.5 m/sec2

D. 0.7 m/sec2

D. 0.7 m/sec2

Q. 10 The product of mass and velocity of a moving a body, is called

A. Momentum B. Impulse C. Power D. Moment
A. Momentum

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