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Hydrology MCQ

Civil engineering MCQ and hydrology MCQ for competitive exam.

Q. 1 An aggrading river is a

A. Scouring river
B. Silting river C. Neither silting nor scouring river D. Both silting and scouring river
B. Silting river

Q. 2 Lining of irrigation channels

A. Does not change the water logging area B. Increases the water-logging area C. Decreases the water-logging area D. None of the above
C. Decreases the water-logging area

Q. 3 The equation V = (1000 ID10²/60) × (1.8T + 42) which is used for determining the velocity of ground water flow in metres per day is known as

A. Slichter’s formula B. Darcy’s formula C. Hazen formula D. Meinzer’s formula
C. Hazen formula

Q. 4 In the estimate of design flood, Dickens assumes that high flood in cumecs, is proportional to catchment area raised to the power

A. 3/4 B. 1/4 C. 1/2 D. 2/3
A. 3/4

Q. 5 When the reservoir is full, the maximum compressive force in a gravity dam is produced

A. At the heel B. At the toe C. Within the middle third of base D. At centre of base
B. At the toe

Q. 6 Pick up the correct statement from the following:

A. Yield of a drainage basin is the run off at any time B. Yield of a drainage basin is expressed as surface run off per year C. Yield of a drainage basin is the run off over long periods D. Run off is expressed as total volume per day
C. Yield of a drainage basin is the run off over long periods

Q. 7 For the upstream face of an earthen dam, the most adverse condition for stability of slope is

A. Steady seepage B. During construction C. Sudden drawdown D. Sloughing of slope
C. Sudden drawdown

Q. 8 Pick up the correct statement from the following:

A. If water goes out of channel to meet ground water, the channel is said to be influent stream B. If ground water enters the channel, the channel is known as effluent channel C. If the water table is at higher level than the water level in channel, ground water flows to the stream D. All the above
D. All the above

Q. 9 Vertical drop fall is satisfactory for a height upto

A. 3.5 m B. 0.5 m C. 1.5 m D. 5.0 m
C. 1.5 m

Q. 10 Precipitation caused due to striking of air masses with a topographical feature, is called

A. Cyclonic precipitation B. Orographic precipitation C. Convective precipitation D. None of these
B. Orographic precipitation

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